Here's Our Process

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From healthy grass-fed Australian cows. GMO-free,
pesticide-free, antibiotic-free and free of rBST, rBGH

Other Whey Proteins: From unhealthy, grain-fed
cows. Potentially contaminated with pesticides, antibiotics
and synthetic hormones.

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for Safety

Gently heated at lowest temperature allowed by law to
kill pathogens. Preserves delicious taste of fresh milk
and the delicate proteins naturally found in whey.

Other Whey Proteins: Heated at very high
temperatures. Destroys delicate proteins
naturally found in whey. Hard to digest.

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Triple Filtered
for Purity

Micro-filtered to remove bad bacteria. Ultra-filtered to
remove viruses. Nano-filtered to remove heavy
metals. Results in a pure, natural, smooth taste.

Other Whey Proteins: A single harsh level of
filtration with chemicals and acid. Results in a
harsh, unnatural taste.

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Air-Dried for
Exquisite Taste

Results in a fluffy, fine powder with a smooth texture
and a pleasant mouthfeel. Allows it to easily mix in
any liquid. And works great in your favorite recipes.

Other Whey Proteins: Harshly dried at either very
high or low temperatures. Results in a course,
grainy texture with a sandy mouthfeel.

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100% Tested
for Reliability

We test every batch for purity and safety and we also
test active dietary ingredients in every batch to
ensure accurate potency.

Other Whey Proteins: Only some of the
ingredients tested some of the time, but not all
of the ingredients all of the time.